Lynn Tang, Producer

Ms. Tang is a film and Broadway musical producer. She is the executive director of Universe Multicultural Film Festival; director of San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival; Founder of Epic ACG Fest; Chairwoman of Maeya Art Festival. As film producer, her feature movie “Hiding Sword ” released in China with an excellent box office result. As the executive producer of Hollywood film “Senior Entourage” that with all Hollywood Icons : Ed Asner; Mark Rydell; Helen Reddy; Mario Ross and Charlie Robinson. She has produced the very first drama feature “ On Matriarchy Lake” for the Mosuo group, Recently, she just complete the drama feature“ Tibetan Hearts” and filming “Tibetan Horse”. As co-producer, “ The Charisma Killers “ is in post production . Her Broadway musical production “Chen Ying Rescuers the Orphan “made to Studio 54 in New York at 2013 and also Dolby theater in Oct. 2016. It become the first Broadway Musical appears in Dolby theater in history. She has been 6 years in a roll as film jury and international commissioner of Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival ( Korea); Three years in a roll as Asian Film Block director of the Broadway International Film Festival -Ensenada ( Mexico). Before the entertainment industry, she was a Project Manager specializing in international business exchange; she has served as a management specialist for Fortune 500 companies. She is the Shanghai (China) Zhabei District Investment Adviser and currently serves as the CEO of Maeya Films. In 2020, she get The David Chow Hummanitarian Foundation Award; In 2021, she won The USA President’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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